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another word for the commonly used 'sik'. Basically it means cool or wicked, but in a good way
cus cool is getting too old
Guy 1: I did this amazing trick on my board!
Guy 2: Ah, Swex!

Guy 1: Did you see how cool that was!
Guy 2: That was swex!
by ladinbrum November 01, 2007
a sloppy or slutty drunk
also someone who gets drunk easily

origin: someone with the last name "wexler" from la costa canyon hs in encinitas, ca was a very sloppy drunk. the term "swex" originated from his last name and is now used in the areas of encinitas, la costa, carlsbad, and del mar
jake you've only had 2 shots andy you're falling... stop being such a swex!
by a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s-s-s December 24, 2011
When two stinky private parts commingle for too long, the smell stink of musk and sweat is unmistakable.
Oh man, I went into that room after Bob and Sue walked out, it smells like swex in there.
by tariston May 29, 2009
sweaty/wet sex
matt:are you up for some swexy time?
karen:oh yeah,i love sweaty sex matty boy,swex me up!!!
by toby scholey May 05, 2010
v. when you mess something up, or pull a gay move

v. when you shit on the floor
Sam swexed it when he shat on the bathroom floor
by tha boss12349 October 23, 2009
1. sex with swagger

2. sweet sex (sweet meaning great or awesome)
3. sweet sweaty sex with swag
1. "I fucked her with my jordans on, swex!"
2. "We had a swex session, words can't even describe how great it was."
by BHudWV October 13, 2011
1.Sex with a swedish person, see backpacker.
2. Sweaty sex.
1.Damn, i have never had swex.
2.If i have have swex, i hope its a good swex session.
by yobbo April 24, 2003
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