the keeper's right hand man. a position in football (soccer) whose main goal is to to protect his/her keeper. also known as the master of the slide tackle.
that fast break could have been a disaster if not for the sweeper
by bpmbrent June 27, 2010
High school english teacher whose monotone voice often lulls one to sleep in each and every class.
I fell asleep and totally drooled during Sweepers class today.
by Dallas Cowboys March 15, 2009
A sweeper is a person who is very good at the windows game Minesweeper.

Sweeper is a noun. However "Sweeping" can also be used as a verb
"Simon was the best sweeper in class"

"Simon was chilling out and sweeping."
by Eika January 28, 2010
Someone who covers things up or assists in the covering up of things, the sweeping under the carpet of matters best to be hidden & covered up.
Everybody knew that Jock knew and did nothing about it...."yeah Jock just swept it under the carpet", Ally replies "Yeah, he's just a sweeper"
by Tricky BJK_KA_Div October 25, 2007
A dark, shadowy charachter with a penchant for piano strings and the SiG-552 Commando
by Sweeper June 17, 2003
An act where a man with a fairly large mustache gives another man a blow job. In a sweeping motion goes up an down the shaft.
Hank- "Thanks to your sweeper, i didn't even have to shower after our encounter"
by afghanistanvangundy August 31, 2009
One who hits on girls who are "dating" his friends.
Jonah is a real sweeper for stealing that girl from Mike.

Dude, that was my girl. You are such a sweeper.
by jet2k May 15, 2009

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