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A Sweemo is a 'sweet moment' involving an exciting activity, never before experienced by the individual involved.
"Have you experienced a Sweemo today?"

"What's your favorite Sweemo?"

(- to be voiced whilst enjoying your sweet moment).
by Dan_08 March 13, 2008
The greatest movie ever to be made by man kind!!!
Yo! did u see Sweemo the other night?
Yah man! It was the SHIT!!!!
by bettylicious August 29, 2008
Also known as "Sweet Emo." An emo-kid who spends most of his time looking up the sappy lyrics to songs by bands such as Taking Back Sunday or to in order to either put them as away messages or to send them to girls who get hot and bothered by the thought of a guy wearing dark makeup and crying during sex.
BlckAbyssSoul: When I found these lyrics, I thought of you and cut myself.
TearLynnz: Is that Taking Back Sunday? Such a sweemo!
by TrickDanny December 04, 2006
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