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A psycho's way of saying "Sweet!" when they are too excited about something crazy...
Jay: Did you see that guy with his hair on fire running around yelling "my hair is on fire, my hair is on fire?"
John: Dude, you just set that guys hair on fire!
Jay: Oh... yea. That was Swee!
by Jayfromthebay February 16, 2009
3 9
Kinda like 'sweet'- as in awesome, but being too lazy, its just 'swee'.
"Hey Benny, check out this computer game, its swee!"
by teeen January 25, 2008
20 8
Hokkien for pretty, smooth or awesome.
Wah your moves damn swee sia
Eh look look that girl damn swee sia
by Swee chai February 15, 2014
3 1
beat someone up really bad.
DAMNNN. i'm gonna swee a bitchhh.
by imAbitchhhLikeTHATTTT November 20, 2010
10 8
The act of stroking one's imaginary beard in contemplation.
His poem was so profound that I had to swee for a bit to comprehend it fully.
by elbowpads August 28, 2009
9 7
Italian Blow Job
Can I get a swees?!

Just go up and get a swees

by L_u June 06, 2014
1 1
The process of becoming erect.
"Mike was so hot he made me swee like I was 16 years old."
by Mike January 08, 2005
15 18