A psycho's way of saying "Sweet!" when they are too excited about something crazy...
Jay: Did you see that guy with his hair on fire running around yelling "my hair is on fire, my hair is on fire?"
John: Dude, you just set that guys hair on fire!
Jay: Oh... yea. That was Swee!
by jrnookiemonster February 16, 2009
Top Definition
Kinda like 'sweet'- as in awesome, but being too lazy, its just 'swee'.
"Hey Benny, check out this computer game, its swee!"
by teeen January 25, 2008
Hokkien for pretty, smooth or awesome.
Wah your moves damn swee sia
Eh look look that girl damn swee sia
by Swee chai February 15, 2014
The act of stroking one's imaginary beard in contemplation.
His poem was so profound that I had to swee for a bit to comprehend it fully.
by elbowpads August 28, 2009
When you tape your dick to your girls forehead and stick your balls in her mouth
Random Guy: Mate I totality swee her last night
Random Guy: Oh dude that's hot ;)
by FreshPoutine September 29, 2014
Italian Blow Job
Can I get a swees?!

Just go up and get a swees

by L_u June 06, 2014
beat someone up really bad.
DAMNNN. i'm gonna swee a bitchhh.
by imAbitchhhLikeTHATTTT November 20, 2010
The process of becoming erect.
"Mike was so hot he made me swee like I was 16 years old."
by Mike January 08, 2005
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