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A sex act wherein the male ejaculates onto the females face, wipes it up with his scrotum and the female proceeds to suck them clean.
"Dude, I gave her the Swedish meatball and she went nuts"

"Becky over there is a FIEND for Swedish Meatballs"
by Xerxikun June 19, 2008
An orgy consisting of largely males (usually 4-16) and 1 woman. The woman sucks the men's testicles, and only his testicles. The men are bisexual, and are occasionally kissing each other while the woman sucks the men. The other men rub their testicles on each other.
Guy: I had an amazing Swedish Meatball last night.

Other Guy: *Offended* Why didn't you invite me!
by EvilBunnyRabbit June 28, 2014
1. Tasty ground beef shaped into spheres to enjoy for consumption.

2. The act of a man tea bagging a woman in the mouth so she can taste his scrotum.

3. The Swedes make some damn good meat.
"Do you like our Swedish Meatballs or did you prefer the Italian sausage?"

Man: "Would you like me to give you my Swedish Meatballs?"

Woman: "Um, hell no."
by awbatman500 June 15, 2014
When a male figure takes his ballsack and plunges it into the depths of the female's meat oven while the women is holding her vagina open in the spread eagle position. After entry the guy's balls become glazed over with the female's self-lubricating juices thus looking like swedish meatballs.
Swedish meatballs are meatballs that are covered in a whitish-clear sauce that is very tasty.
by Ryan Holmes June 21, 2006
During or after anal sex, when the giver of anal sex ejaculates on the feces inside of his partner's anus after cumming, covering them in santorum. Especially when the feces are round, causing them to look like the famous dish.
My girlfriend was incredulous when I told her that Swedish Meatballs don't bother me at all--but I guess they bother her, because she still wouldn't let me put it in her butt last night.
by Bekimz March 09, 2007
A sexual position when two people, on all fours with their butts touching, butt-hole to butt-hole, who then proceed to poop into each other forming a ball of feces, better known as a Swedish Meatball.
Damn Michael Fucking Wilson, did you see those two girls Swedish Meatballing last night at the Frame?
by dream_team_agentzero October 16, 2011
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