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A word that means swaggy, jazzy, snazzy, and slightly saggy.
"Did you see that girl's new jacket?"
"Yeah, it's super swazzy!"
by SwazzMasterSwazz June 02, 2014
Swag + Snazzy: extremely superior, cool, and effortlessly amazing
Person 1: "Are you excited for the party on Friday?"

Person 2: "Yeah, I heard it's gonna be pretty swazzy."
by momokateku December 22, 2012
Sweet + Jazzy = Swazzy

Commonly used as an adjective
Borris:: Hey, its not humid anymore since the storm hit!
Yorris:: Fer reals! Its pretty swazzy now
by juniart September 01, 2010
Swag + Lazy = Swazzy
Hollow Da Don: swazzy is Swag + Lazy

"dininon on the mic I'm rockin with the swazzy flow" - hollow Da Don(supa dupa star)
by September 21, 2011
The act of waering a top hat with another person, and thinking you the sh*t!
We so swazzy!
via giphy
by HoddieQueen May 14, 2016
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