The moment of ejaculation from one mans penis into another mans ass resulting in a "cumshot" of the anal
" hey man i just fucked you in the ass "

a swatty
by hahahahah az September 04, 2003
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A student who goes to Swarthmore College.
Look at those swatties saving the world. Sweet.
by Swatt1es August 29, 2009
Nickname for the Swatara River in central Pennsylvania.
After the party got busted we grabbed a couple cases of Natty and headed down by the Swatty.
by Nick D February 19, 2004
when u get a guy to suck u off, then do ur 'thing' into ur hand, and slap him in the face with it... *swatt*
he gave him a swatty!!
by Swoosh August 24, 2003
gay cunt
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
Captain of Modification clan Cardinal Sin |sin|, a true hero in his time, swatty.|sin|
by negonthat August 24, 2003
ever wanted a walking pineapple plantation, then swatty is your man
also useful if you need to impale someone
bombs "your hair looks like a pineapple"
swatty "yes"
by bomberman August 24, 2003

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