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Combination of the words Sick, Wicked, and Nasty. Swasty is a term used when in the presence of something amazing. Used because saying 1 of the 3 words is just not enough to express its magnitude.
"DAMN, did u see that dunk?! That was swasty!"
"That movie was too swasty!"
"That was possibly the most swasty thing I have ever seen."
#sick #wicked #nasty #awesome #amazing #crazy #incredible
by ilooooovechocolate September 10, 2012
A combination of Swagger and Nasty. Can be used which ever way you like depending on the situation.
That car is swasty. That nigga got some swasty shoes.
I'm So swasty.
#swagger #nasty #sweet #dirt #amazing #boss
by swastyboyz December 05, 2009
A conjunction between sweet and nasty. A way of describing something superior.
I got swasty on your mom last night. or John just bowled a 300, thats swasty
#sweet #awesome #broken #cool #hot
by cellfire October 17, 2007
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