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An awesome party animal, loves drugs, 10 inches of dick hard.
Jamie: Awww that guy last night was so Swartz he pummelled me with his 10 iron.
by Jarmeel Jones May 14, 2009
A man whose drug use exceeds his common sense and capability to make wise and comprehendable desicions. A man who is frequently late to certain importnant band practices and such.
damn that swartz does a crack load of acid.
by ccc March 02, 2005
1) |swôrtz| Someone who demonstrates decidedly homosexual proclivities, having been masquerading as a heterosexual for many years.

2) The act of a male ejaculating his semen onto another mans face while at the same time, emptying his fecal matter onto his one free hand and attempting to eat it all before ejaculation is complete.
1) Ian, "Check out the hot girl with Chris!"

Kerr, "No good to him, i hear he's a Swartz."

2) I heard those two gay guys Swartzed last night.

Would you mind if after dinner if we Swartz?
by Mike Shamshaw September 07, 2010
A Germany slang that means homo.
There are so many Swartz in Germany, all what they do is suck cock.
by Adrew Rollins May 01, 2006
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