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swurving in and out of the lane while bumpin
i was swangin down the block
by lil L April 02, 2003
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In Daygo we say swangin, wich mean dancing.
Ay Blood, we was swangin at da function.
by BnEeZy January 04, 2008
To Switch Lane To Lane While Having Your Trunk Open, And Listening To Screwed And Chopped. This Was Started During The Heights Of Rap In Houston Texas. It Was Made Popular By Trae In Big Hawk In The Video "Swang".
Swang And I Swang And I Swang To The Left, Pop, Pop, My Trunk And Yep,Yep,Yep. -"Swang" Featuring Trae & Big Hawk

"Swanging Is A Popular Thing In Houston Texas"

by Ghetto Dictionary™ January 27, 2007
a fresh style of dancing brought to you by DAYGO TOWN San Diego, CA :D
We was swangin at that fresh, Daygo function.
by aknockz January 28, 2009
to swurve in n out of lanes on a road/highway
damn u see that car he swangin all da way to st. louis
by roey m June 05, 2006
To chill or to vibe
A:Yo what are you doing today?
L: I'm Swangin, come stop by Nate's house.
by Tooquikdom January 05, 2014
Swurvin like a nigga on the highway listening to "Chamillianare" running from the police because they are black and they will get busted unlike white people because white people get away with everything..
Tyrome was swangin and went to jail my nigga but that cracka was swangin and didnt get caught ridin dirty
by jamaule July 21, 2006

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