To possess a large sexual organ of the male persuasion.
It's not many guys who can go after Ray J. The man got a huge meat, okay? ... He got length on him. I got the width, the **** is wide. He got a foot on him. Man got a foot on him. Much respect Ray. Man to man, no homo. I know when respect is due. The man swangin'. Ya'll seen that ****, ya'll know the man swangin'."
by Pip rutt September 09, 2007
please go learn your history of rap cause the word "Swangin"definitely did not COME FROM and originated in Texas.

It originally started in Los Angeles California, WHY? cause people in that area with low-riders brought back the the spoke rims back in the 70's which are apparently "swangas". In fact go listen to the album called Real Brothas with Dresta and B.G. Knocc Out that was amde in 1995 with the song on their called ""Compton Swangin'"!
person from california-We gon swang in our low-riders 2day. Los Angeles Swangin!

person from Texas-What do u mean Swangin, we made swang in houston, u mean houston swang!

person from califonia-Get the fuk outta here and listen to Dresta and Knockout Real Brothas and u'll see where swangin originated from!
by saint52 December 23, 2008
Getting drunk and swerving between lanes on an empty highway very early in the morning.
Dude: Me and steve got wasted last night and went out swangin.
by Matthew Gill February 21, 2006
To deal drugs of any kind, mostly marijuana. Somewhat outdated slang, now usually used in reference to driving, but originally meaning to sell illegal substances.
Friend 1: Hey, I wanna get baked tonight, but I don't have any hookups.

Friend 2: I got your hookup right here. I just started swangin last week.
by Isar May 05, 2006
To accidently be born black and become illetrate and have no long term goals. Often end up grillin with the cops on friday nights.
"Damn we're so swangin fuckin stupid"
by Da Truth Inc June 17, 2006
The act of, or being very good.
Man that gumbo is swangin!
by Joe G- LSU March 14, 2003
having a large penis.
man, dat nigga chris swangin!
by chris lopez May 09, 2005

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