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we swang glass 84's in that H-Town (Houston)
by jay May 14, 2003
251 56
30 spoke cragar stare wire wheels wrapped in perferably vogue tires
i got swangas on my candy cadillac
by BIG MARK September 16, 2004
213 53
Flossin ass 84 spoke rims that are seen mostly on caddys, and are a fashion statement up in houston, texas.
I gots my swangas poking out at the club I'm showing out
I'm a player ain't no doubt hoes want to know what I'm bout
200 77
A big dick.
Damn that boy got a big ass swanga
by Pimpin in Texas July 30, 2003
30 45
swerveing back and forth in an automoble
swang this bitch!
by Big Woof March 04, 2004
41 192
rims that are 30" in diameter
I juss bought me some rims thas bigga than my lil brotha...I'm talkin 30 inches
by Lil Shaq February 20, 2003
21 222