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Colloquial term referring to a moose. Moose often browse in swamps and marshes, eating the tender water plants, hence the swamp reference.
The donkey part comes from the fact that they are an animal that is both tough and stubborn.
The man was well-prepared to spend a day in the forest, as he was confident that he would get to photograph a swamp donkey in its natural habitat.
by Nuclear Moose November 19, 2006
of British origin, meaning a slobbering blob of a girl who hangs out at shady bars hoping for some action.
So I tell the swampdonkey to sock it before I give her a trunky in the tradesman's entrance and I have her lick me yardballs.
by G-spot June 27, 2004
This species lurks in the depths of the bar and club scene . Tell tale signs of a swamp donkey are many and varied, including the wearing of Granny underwear, tight shirts exposing their fat disgusting sloth bodies, and a face that looks like a rotten bee's nest.
damn look at that swamp donkey!
by L walk April 11, 2004
Noun. An extremely unattractive person.
"I met my new housemate today. He's a total swamp donkey".
by Simox August 04, 2011
There's folks that call "moose," swamp donkeys in B.C. Canada. How ever, the play on words takes it back to the previous entries, as in: "I'm gonna give her a swamp donkey punch." which of course leads to having seen a B.C. Snow Dragon.
Did you see any swamp donkeys on the way here?
by Tiff E. August 20, 2010
Swamp Donkey-(n) 1. a low caliber female type who tries to pass them self off as a dime piece by trying to surround themselves with dimes, clearly never obtaining nothing more than penny piece status.
Kev: What's the deal with Andrea?

Tod: Oh the Swamp Donkey? No one wants that skank. Have you seen that shit that's in her eye?

Michelle: Nasssttyyyy...
by the Saint | Veritas July 05, 2010
disgusting bitch that feeds off drunk men around 3:30 am
"oh look bill is leaving with yet another swamp donkey"

"I think its time for an intervention."
by blackassontherun December 04, 2009