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Similar to the Blumkin, Swamp Logging is where someone goes down on a woman while she takes a dump.
while sally was taking a dump, billy felt the urge to repay his girlfriend, for the blumkin the other night by swamp logging her right there.
by SwampLoggerExtreme August 13, 2010
The act of performing cunnilingus while the recipient defecates. In the modern vernacular, to go down on a woman while she takes a shit.

See also blumpkin.
When my buddy Chris worked at Taco Bell he walked in on his manager swamp logging the fat girl who worked the cash register.
by redconsensus January 04, 2010
Using fecal matter, particularly diarrhea, as lubricant for sex.
Bailey has this condition that causes perpetual diarrhea. It means we can go swamp logging when ever we want.
by ForShame October 29, 2010
Swamp Logging is when you are at a country bar, or other country gathering and you have to settle for the opposite sex that appears they were pulled from the bottom of a swamp like an old log.
We knew it was going to be bad when Mike told us to check on him in the morning because it was getting close to closing and he needed to go swamp logging so he would not go home alone.
by the real dansouthern March 24, 2011
v., to copulate with a particularly moist partner.
So last night I was swamplogging in this chick...
by socolumberjack December 25, 2010
Swamp logging is the act of expelling all air from the mouth to create a perfect vacuum on your subject's anus. Once the lips are sealed and the vacuum is in place, one subtly extracts fecal matter directly from the jejunum with a swift inhalation.
Ryan was swamp logging Alex last night. I watched and masturbated frantically in the closet.
Having anal sex with someone who is suffering from a case of swampass.
"Joe, were you just swamplogging that guy?"
"I just love it when they're sweaty down there!"
by swampyswampswamp July 31, 2009