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1. Creature similar to that of a troll, with a very potent venom that secretes from the face which can be seen easily from many distances away. Sometimes known to have fits of rage, which usually go unanswered and ignored, but these frenzies are usually provoked by the Swamp Donkey's enemies. It can be seen devouring intoxicated males at your local underage bars or fraternity housing facilities. Once having lain with the beast, you will endure a lifetime of humiliation and an itchy pubic area. Avoiding contact with the wretched abomination is highly recommended, for it will attempt to suck on your face.
As legend has it, the Swamp Donkey once seduced a young African American male with her medusa-like gaze, and forced him to pleasure her on the dancefloor with crowds and crowds of people staring in agony.

2. Antithesis of everything good.
Stephanie: Did you see where the tall red headed kid I liked went?

Jacky: I think the Swamp Donkey took him home to her lair.

Stephanie: Hes never coming back alive.

Joe: Have you seen the Swamp Donkey lately?

Max: Dude, she totally just used the keg tap as a dildo, looks like we are out of beer.
by Trollerbynight February 09, 2011
A very ugly, usually fat girl who hangs around in bars and clubs waiting to sexually assault males who are too drunk to defend themselves.
"Damn! Look at her! What a swamp donkey!"
by Beer Sponge March 12, 2003
of British origin, meaning a slobbering blob of a girl who hangs out at shady bars hoping for some action.
So I tell the swampdonkey to sock it before I give her a trunky in the tradesman's entrance and I have her lick me yardballs.
by G-spot June 27, 2004
This species lurks in the depths of the bar and club scene . Tell tale signs of a swamp donkey are many and varied, including the wearing of Granny underwear, tight shirts exposing their fat disgusting sloth bodies, and a face that looks like a rotten bee's nest.
damn look at that swamp donkey!
by L walk April 11, 2004
A swamp-donkey is a girl that gets guys that for some reason cant say no to any pussy no matter how smelly,repulsive,and blubber infested,it is. the swamp-donkey is also known to try to inpregnate her self in order to keep the dumb ass that was stupid enough to fuck that low life,gag-amaggot,cockhound, gutter-rat bitch!
I cant belive jeremy had a baby by that swamp donkey heather.
ya shes so fuckin ugly I wouldn't fuck her with a shot-gun well maybe a shot gun if loaded.Ha Ha that was not a joke.Seriously that bitch is so nasty you could run her over with a 18 wheeler and it would improve her looks.
by keepin it real March 23, 2005
A really sloppy, annoying, and usually slightly overweight sorority girl. She's most likely the black sheep of the group. This girl will be the most drunk, the most forward, and the most not attractive.
I hung out with Jess and her friends last night, but I had to leave because that swampdonkey friend of hers was all over me.
by Vinnie Vocab May 05, 2005
A fat lady that hangs around by herself in clubs and bars looking for a dude thats drunk enough to hit her up...usually ugly, old, fat, disgusting, and incredibly socially inept!
Man, check out that big group of swamp donkeys! There isnt enough beer in this whole bar to make me want that!

Dude, I dare you to go pretend your drunk and show them your no-no spot!

Then see if you can get them to buy me a drink!
by dudleydoright June 22, 2005
Woman so ugly you wouldn't touch her with a barge pole strapped to the end of a pole vault pole.
Phil often woke up after a night on the beers finding himself next to a swampdonkey
by Anonymous July 15, 2003