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Any female predator lingering about bars and nightclubs (or house parties, uninvited) where they prey upon innocent, unwilling, and unfortunate young men who are too inebriated to save themselves from the impending rape at the clutches of a terrible fate. They are large, nasty, dirty, smelly and have no decent features at all. They have no self-respect or dignity, and do not have the decency to lay down and die.

Roughly three out of four carry at least one STD, but two of those do not show symptoms. At least one of every eight is actually a man with a tiny penis.

In no cases can a swamp donkey ever look good, even with the worst case of beer goggles.

Ways to remain safe include swamp out, aka wamp out.
While out on the town, a good, trustworthy wingman (or sober friend) to keep the group safe.

Swamp Donkey: also known as wamp or wamper.
I'm lucky I have wonderful friends or that Swamp Donkey may have snagged me!
by Pincco September 14, 2009
The term for creating a blackout in any building in an effort to deter Swamp Donkeys from gaining entry. The main steps are:

1. Lights out.
2. No talking.
3. No movements.
4. Find a sacrificial lamb as a deterrent.
(5. If all other efforts fail, smear lamb's blood on the windows and doors. Wamps like their meat fresh.)
Oh shit! Wamp's coming! Swamp out!!!!
by Pincco September 14, 2009
A shortened version for Swamp Donkey.
Oh no! Wamp's coming! Swamp out!!
by Pincco September 14, 2009

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