Professional swallow-er.

A man or woman who can ingest a lot of items of varying sizes of loads, thickness, viscosity, volume etc. etc. with relative easy and alacrity.
This chick on 3rd Avenue is a real good swaller man.

Amazing to watch her work.
by GothicDeath January 16, 2012
Top Definition
1. The moment when your slobber gets sucked in your throat and you swallow it and choke on it at the same time.

2. Also when a girl chokes on a cum while giving a blowjob.

2b. Thwoller can replace swaller when referring to a gay guy swallering on cum while giving a blowob.
"My girl was telling me one morning she woke up because she had swallered."

"She don't spit or swallow, she swaller!"

"He totally thwoller on me all the time!"
by Jack Grow May 11, 2012
some one who sucks dick
were ur sista at cause she swallers!!
by LONG JAW October 30, 2003
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