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Fly,cool,splended in appearence grand or noble in deed.
man those air forces are swagnificent dog!
by Smith 206 May 15, 2008
having swag at the purest level. appearance, style, a way of carrying yourself; earned respect
I thought I was looking good but my boy Edgar came http://www.urbandictionary.com/add.phpin the club looking swagnificent.
by swarles barkley February 09, 2009
Overly magnificent, to such a degree that logic is no longer applicable, useful, or relevant.
That Odd Future concert last night was fucking swagnificent.
by Baggin' Swaggin' Barry August 05, 2012
having lots of swag and being magnificent
that gnar jump was swagnificent
by Mack Sali April 02, 2009
(Swag-nih-fuh-sent) adj.
1. describes someone who keeps their Swag on 24/7.
Vince Tucson is always Swag-nificent
by Spartan'Abs October 15, 2010
A word that clearly is used to describe one beautiful individual by the name of Anidale :)
Anidale you are SWAGNIFICENT!!!
by YourCanadianBabyBoo August 29, 2011
adj.- something that is very stylish or awesome. see fly or phresh
Did you see JonJon's new dunks? They were swagnificent!!
by MissBossB August 17, 2009