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Swaggish - (Swah-Gish) also can be proclaimed as The Art Swaggery. Swaggish was developed by two great minds, one of which has a head bigger than the gods that bestow upon us, and another with a mind of intellectual dignity but a hint of stupidity. Thou names are Ridi, and Eri. They both joined to develop the English based language of Swaggish or The Art of Swaggery. You may only talk in Swaggish when you are either a Swagological human or under the influence of Mary Jay Wanna. Swaggish is a simple but a barbaric way to infuse vocabulary in a compliant manner. Swaggish is used all around our peripheral mind.
Ridi Says: Well if there were any newfound wisdom or sense to be had upon reviewing those blasphemous words, you might as a position to make such a bold statement. Parry the, i don't seem to be in unison with what you are attempting to convey, nay; rather what you are merely blurting out in a fashion that is greatly frowned upon by my colleagues and peers of similar intellectual and philosophical comprehension. I regret to bear thy ears with this rather morbid news of sincerity, you sir are undisputed in your glorious and furthermore impotent attempts to amuse my query of newfound anecdotes.

Eri Replies: I clearly conceive your discreet conception and I, with full swaggish intellectual cogitation put forth more respect and dignity toward you and your followers. My interventionism has been expected to bestow me with full greed and parathion glory. Glory indeed is one of the stronger vocabulary I proclaim to perjure ever so thankfully, and I myself including all of my contradiction would like to thank you for you time and grant you a full plinth of "swag". good day young legend.
by RidEri October 25, 2011
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if sumthing is shit,crap,rubbish.

if u dont like sumthing
that tune was swaggish.

your clothes are swaggish
by g-major December 27, 2004
mike fitz is so swaggish
by JORDYN AND NICOLE August 04, 2010

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