1. The act of having fun.
2. Enduring of sexual experiences.
3. Chillin with some niggs.
Damn, im swaggin hella hard.

Last night me and Kelli were swaggin hellaz.

Im swaggin.
by Donald Genome June 24, 2009
The act of being extremely tired and worn out, as if one had just smoked a very large amount of some dirty, brick schwag.
Dang, I am swaggin so hard today after that night out drinking.
by Jets4Life September 13, 2010

To not just sag your pants but have the unique style and taste swaggers do.

A good example is wearin tight jeans, but saggin them with a tall tee and and flat bill hat
Damn son easy was swaggin yesterday at the show
by EASY CP October 10, 2008

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