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An alternative to the tequila slammer. Snort the salt, down the shot, squeeze lime in the eye.

*WARNING* May cause nasal bleeding, bloodshot eyes and being totally muntered.
I did tequila suicides til 3:30am and lost the power of my legs and eye sight the next day. It was freakin awesome :)
by jeff24 September 05, 2005
Snort tequila, Put lemon in the eye and lick the salt.

Like pouring tequila on your brain!
kyle did 3 tequila suicides at our office party. he even added pepper to the mix! Made him made as a hatter!
by jezzap November 09, 2006
i was told to snort the tequila, squeeze lemon in your eye and then lick the salt...
i did a double tequila suicide last night, one for each nostril just to maintain a healthy balance. i also recommend replacing the salt with black pepper for a little spice...we called it a killer sanchez!
by kyle74 November 09, 2006
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