Ugly Slapper With Bad Complexion That Wears Too Much Make-Up and Scks Off Farm Animals While Making a Horrendous Wailing Sound...
Cher Lloyd is a wailing swagger jagger slagga
by FatLadZ July 20, 2011
A derivation of "swagger jacker," a term for someone who copies another person's style or material and passes it off as their own. "Swagger jagger" was popularized by the Cher Lloyd song of the same name, which was the source of much mockery. It is still used occasionally and sometimes ironically.
Swagger jagger? I'm pretty sure that's not how it goes.
by wwwggwww December 09, 2011
A song made by a girl named Cher Lloyd which people seem to rage on about, because they have no Swagger nor Attention of their own, making them a "Swagger Jagger."
Person 1: "That Swagger Jagger Song Is Shit!"
Person 2: "Do You have any Swagger?"
Person 1: "Of course I do, check these moves out!" *Does Some Gangster Wannabe Shit Moves*
Person 2: "Shaking My Head, Swagger Jagger."
by Bitch Named Deltrice August 24, 2011
Also referred to as "swagger jacker": one who tries to steal your swag away by such activities as hating, dissing, and gossiping.
Cher Lloyd wants them swagger jaggers to get their own swag and get up out her face.
by MichikoIto July 05, 2011
Swagger Jagger is an "ironic" phrase used by people who look like drowned sewer rats on benefits. The definition of the word derives from "Swagger Jacker" which means to steal or copy ones swagger. The irony of that is the phrase was invented/misinterpreted by a tramp like skag whore for a release of a song in 2011 to which the music video stars Cheryl Cole miming the lyrics... Oh sorry that is Cher Lloyd... well there lies the irony as to me they are the same person and have the same affect of offending peoples eyes and making ears bleed!! So therefore Cher Lloyd is a hypocrite and is what she sings!!
Cher "the rat" Lloyd - "Chez... I want your hair, make up, tacky dress sense from 2003, those earrings, your millions, ashley coles dick, your leftovers, your slight bit of talent, simon cowells love and admiration, STD's, that whiny geordie accent of yours, malaria and basically everything about you to make me you"

Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/Cole - "Now then pet, Swagger Jagger, get your game on, get some of your own"
by Archie84 August 18, 2011
A dance move which involves a 'swagger' (a silly walk done by attention seekers) onto the dance floor which is completed by planting both feet facing outwards and thrusting your right hand into the air with your index finger pointing to the ceiling.
Check out that short ass dude over there on the dance floor. He's just rocked out the Swagger Jagger!
by Mr_E_Finger August 01, 2011
swagger jagger a new word considerd "hip"

this word is from cher llyod's new song "swagger jagger" where she thinks shes a gangster with a bit of cheryl cole on the side...
this word is commonly mistaken by the phrase "swagger jacker"
where someone jacks your style!
girl 1:i have that jacket too
girl2: get some of your own swagger jagger!
by whelzerr July 11, 2011

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