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To embarrass someone or ruin their public image (P.I.)
Erv: "Man, skinny Tri Delts are like fat chicks, they're fun to ride, but everyone knows they're Tri Delts and they're probably really fat, in reality, so they cramp your style."
Gil: "No I got a better one. Fat chicks are EXACTLY like Tri Delts."
Erv: "Why?"
Gil: "They're both FAT!"
Erv: "That really wasn't funny."
Gil: "Nope."
Erv: "Let's go whale watching."
Gil: "There's no ocean around."
Erv: "No, but the Tri Delts are going on a trip to the lake today."
Gil: "AWWWWWW RIIIIIGHT! Giggidy giggidy!"
by Nick D June 04, 2004
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