Shit Ugly Vagina. Usually used to describe poorly shaped female reproductive organs.
"That old bitch had one major SUV."
by Bob Homes March 03, 2006
It stands for Sport Utility Vehicle but all you really need to know is that they are large, low gas-mileage vehicles with a large consumer base in middle-class America.

What is not known is that it also represents a manifestation of the American psyche following the 9/11 terrorist attacks for a desire of safety against the unknown. Since America is based on capitalism the only way Americans knew how to deal with this was to buy something. If you look shit up you can see that gas prices didn't go up as SUVs got more popular but that SUVs got more popular as gas prices went up. Also these events happened at the same time as George Bush began his infamous "War on Terror" which to this day has not achieved its primary goal, the death or capture of Osama Bin Laden. The War on Terror is simply another example of the need for the feeling of safety that arose after 9/11 but on a national scale

As gas prices soared into an absurdly high price per barrel and a few years had passed since 9/11 the American psyche was on its way to being less concerned with safety and more so on economic (2008-2009 recession) and social problems (global warming and the usual shit like shit in Africa) which led to a reduction in the purchase of SUVs.

The need for the feeling of safety created by 9/11 simply jump started the SUV industry but in no way sustained it. Presently many people still buy SUVs because of the social aspects and the limited practical values.
Watching the news...
Albert- Wow dude i never thought terrorists could do something like that...
Shan- Yea i don't feel safe whenever I'm outside my house anymore.
Albert- I know, lets buy really big cars because thats how we get places when we aren't home!!
Shan- Good Idea... (leaves his gated community house to the car dealership across the street) Give me your largest bulkiest SUV and i will pay whatever it costs!! Who cares about gas prices or the environment?
by S.Albert January 02, 2009
Well they started off being four wheel drive trucks with perminate back shells on. So they were both a truck and an off road vehicle and could seat more passengers. Now everyone calls everything an suv, even if it does not have four wheel drive. I think we should start calling them by there real name like, rodeo, jeep, 4 runner, tahoe etc...
why dont we call the vans suv's
by dave carl smith August 04, 2005
1) An acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle.

2) A vehicle intended for use in recreational areas.
Dave took his SUV to the mountains for a few days.
by Albert February 15, 2004
Sports Utility Vehicle.
The most hated cars in the western world - symbol for ignorance, unsustainability and terrorist oil.
it is blamed for environmental destruction, terrorism, male dominance, war, famine and george w. bush.
but in reality, it's really just a car. and it's probably more fuel economic and friendlier to the environment than its critics ten-year-old washed down shitpig expresses.
"People who drive SUVs don't go offroad anyways."

"I won't deny I drive a SUV because it is a status symbol - just like your 2000 $ mountainbike - that you only use in the city - is a status symbol for you."
by Tim Wh00t November 03, 2006
sports utility vehicle: commonly refers to a woman with a great body usually expensive to purchase and require high maintenance but often a great ride, even off road.
Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez
by nickpb September 28, 2004
Sports Utility Vehicle
Often driven by people who dont need them
Stupid hippies hate them but no one cares about tree-fuckers
Ford Explorer, Hummer H2, Porsche Cayenne, Infiniti QX56, Lamborghini LM002, Lincoln Navigator, Jeep Cherokee etc...
by Adrian Krynski November 10, 2003

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