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Another cool way of saying cute. Alot of times when drunk, high, or very bad at speaking, someone will say "sute" instead of cute, and that often leads to a good laugh and an inside joke.
Melissa is so sute I just want to hug her tight and never let go.

That puppy is so sute!
by 10PeteyPan10 March 16, 2009
A mixture of sweet and cute.

Invented by the almighty Inés Sordo.
Woman 1: He gave me flowers and chocolates!
Woman 2: Aww! That's so sute!
by barneystinsonbaby November 29, 2009
Sute cames from the mix of two words: sweet and cute. So feel free to use it whenever you feel like to in order to enhace the situation. If its more than sweet and cute, you may have to use SUTE.

Can be used as well to friendzoned somebody.
The guy I've met last night was so sute.

The Teddy bear you gave me is so sute.

Aw! I love you too as a friend, you are so sute.
by jejexoxo November 02, 2012
Sute is a friendly alternative to cute, a word that you might use when you're flirting.
Lucy: awhh you're so sute!
by ILLB :) April 24, 2011
An enthusiastic form of "yes"

Meaning, in order to agree with someone.
'yo blad, sup. wanna go to this kick ass party tonight'
by SuteMaster December 02, 2004

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