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Usually a very handsome intelligent gentleman who is also very well hung. Though he is able to oversatisfy almost any woman he is very choosy about who gets his treatment...the characteristics of an Austen can also be used to define a person as well.
That guy last night was as perfect as an Austen
by Unknown temperature April 25, 2010
A very charming and sweet boy. Hes hot, cute, adorable, and lovable all at the same time, anyone would be lucky to have an Austen. Hes always there for support, and always has words of wisdom. Hes shy at first but give him a second and hes outgoing and fun loving.
Girl one- Wow, he is SUCH a Austen!
Girl two- I know right? I'd kill for someone like that!
by Happylove! November 07, 2010
Where to even begin...? Austen is a sweet and sexy guy. He knows how to sweet talk a girl. Austen has a good heart and knows how to make anyone feel better even if it may seem impossible at the time. He even says these flirty things that make you melt inside. Austen is a one of a kind person. If there is a problem, he will try his best to fix it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he tends to cause drama. But that doesn't mean people don't stop loving him. Even if you start to dislike him...give it up because he will make you love him without even knowing it. He can take over your dreams, you can easily have dreams with him there or about him. Austen is someone you couldn't have gone without knowing.
B-That Austen is really somethin'!

H- I know! He is such a great guy!
B- I know, I can't stop loving him even if I tried.
H- He has that affect on girls!
by brebre895 October 29, 2011
To ejaculate on ones clothing while travelling on a train.
I was travelling to London yesterday and the guy behind me totally did an austen on his trousers.
by Chris314 January 06, 2008
The girl version of the name Austin. Hella hot, beautiful eyes, and the most perfect person you will ever meet. So funny, makes you feel good, chill, and has a killer smile. Also ridiculous in bed and one of the best sports players you with EVER meet. If there was a perfect girl it would be Austen. By the way she is a bro and so good in bed.

Austen is the perfect girl, I wish I had her.
Of course I am jealous of Austen, everyone wants to be like her.
by asdjfhuewuuqolakjsdkf May 14, 2011
A guy who loves women, and can pick them up easy too, usually if the ones with dark hair and brown eyes have a huge penis! But it's all an act because underneath austen is a sweet, kind, funny person and any girl would be lucky to have him.
A: wow how big Austen's dick is!
B: Yeah, it's huge!
by Gapsap1234 May 31, 2015
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