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The coolest people this side of the mason dixon line.
"Wow, I wish I could cool and Swedish like that Swede. I guess Im going to go kill myself, because I have seen a level of swankness that I can never possibly reach."
by Sex December 15, 2003
The sexiest fuck in the planet
sex w00t w00t HE RUES LOLO LOL
by sex September 12, 2004
pointy object
imma take this sharp knife and stab you in the penis
by Sex October 04, 2003
Were a person who cant pronounce R's so they say it funny
owww, CWAP!
by Sex October 04, 2003
All Cops Are Bastards


punks write it on stuff
ACAB is true
by sex March 24, 2004
Plorgo is a word that annoys people if repeated a million times in HUGE letters.
ZekeyLizard says:
Do you know what i like about you?

by Sex January 04, 2005

*Pink triangle*
Synj is the sex bomb
by Sex October 04, 2003
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