Androgynous message board troll who creates multiple user profiles for self-congratulatory conversation with itself.
That's not 2 people; it's a susie patting itself on the back.
by Dakhoth™ July 21, 2010
doing a susie - a girl playin with a guys winky under the water in a hot tub while other ppl r in there too, and r oblivious to the underwater activity.
she did a susie?? while u were sat in there too? ew!
by buttercup May 03, 2005
Used by mothers sometimes to describe a young girls private area with content of being mannerful.
"Momma what is that called?" "Darling, that is your susie."
by Firecracker182 June 26, 2005
Susie is a nickname for a girl. This girl usally is hot as hell and a farmers daughter. She is a very religious person with an amazing personality. She works hard, but plays harder. She's the life of the party. She's also a total country girl. She loves getting dirty and shooting targets. She can shoot better then most guys can! Susies get called hicks, rednecks, etc. all the time. She's very kind hearted, but can talk a little dirty around her friends;) she is overall an amazing beautiful country girl!
Susie is the farmers daughter, of course!
by Jonathan.hannah December 11, 2012
A petite blonde hair, blue eyed lolita.

She is a very religious, innocent girl who you will only ever get to kiss before you marry her.
Don't think you can fool Susie, she's not just a pretty face.
All the men want Susie.
Susie is the girl of my dreams, I wish I got her when I had the chance
Susie is the smartest blonde I know!
Susie is innocent and hard to get and that makes me want her.
by lovingsusie January 02, 2014
A mastubation apparatus constructed by male inmates out of a plastic bag, a towel and some Vaseline. The towel is wrapped in a cylindrical form and the plastic bag is used to line the inside and the vaseline is the lubricant.
I'm pissed I left my susie in my cell and i think pookie borrowed dat shit so nows i gots to throws it out!! Pookie gots crabs.
by DiMar50 February 03, 2014
A rugged beautiful Japanese beast born in 1989. Can be seen tearing up the fields of ballymacady or cruising the streets of Golden. Recent reports have placed her in the city of Limerick.

Also known as the SACKMOBILE, SUZ, and Baby Agnes.
by SACK no.4 May 08, 2011

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