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A contraction of "issues internalized" - "sues in." Used to connote that a person is surpressing a lot of emotional baggage.
Ever since the divorce and her brother's death, Emmily has a lot of susans.
by Rick Bruner May 04, 2006
Susan is an amazing girl, She is very talented at what she does (Photography..) She put's alot of time and effort into them, Just like she does alot of things. She enjoys Partying and having fun. She is a very Beautiful, funny girl with an Incredible sense of humor, And an Incredibly sexy Laugh and accent. Her culture is a Polish one, Which is a very Indistinct one at that. Everybody who is with Susan agree's she is one of the most Beautiful People around.
Careful, you don't want to miss out on her, She truly is the most Amazing person you will ever meet.
Man 1 "Hey man, Did you meet Susan?
Man 2 "Yeah, She's an Amazing Girl"
Man 1 "Don't take her for Granted, She's a Keeper"
by AussieMeth December 30, 2011
A small indian girl with the voice of minnie mouse.
"Dude, did Susan talk to you today?"
"Dude, yes."
"My ears are bleeding"
by BigDickRick2 May 02, 2010
To yell "Susan" at an innocent bystander, generally while traveling in a vehicle. A person is "susaned" when they are caught turning their head in the direction of the "susaner".
Yo, susan that girl outside the liquor store.

I just susaned her so bad, it made her head spin.
by heyerok July 10, 2008