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The English language; using the physics that everything here upon Earth follows ... including each grouped sequence of individual characters of the Latin alphabet that comprise individual words or phrases.
Herbrew gives explanation to why a word is a verb or exists as a word that denotes one gave an order.Herbrew even gives explanation to why each character of the alphabet is shaped the way it is or written the way it is ... a sequence of time that is often explained as a 'jot' of time or a 'jot of a dot'.
Herbrew gives consideration to the amount of time, or the emotion evidenced from cursive handwriting.
Herbrew proves that language originated from what is external to the Human's senses and that it follows a procedure or protocol that is identical to the ones that formed the conclusion giving a word or character of an alphabet ... employed as a language.
Herbrew is the sounds you hear as well as the sounds you may imagine from reading a phrase describing the conditions that warranted a sound...etc.
Herbrew may be used religiously, or as just what is, is what is, is...that!
Herbrew also means he and her, a bosom ru (brew)...a lamp's full cup.
Example: There is, from here to there; when the individual employs the word there. The "T" is time, h is here...held. The e's surrounding the r, is 'the walk of emotion in time, centers the r' which is the lamp ( or the individual's realization)(id) to the correct...or where from here to there.The 'w' then wisdom is added.
Example: herbrew: he and her, a bosom ru (brew)...a lamp's full cup.
ru: the completion of each individual moment, at that very moment ... a full cup.
synonym - word.
by gradkiss August 15, 2011
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