A state of pure turmoil after a heavy night out. Derived from the name Susan Boyle.
Im in pure susan!
by Queef Mcgeef November 09, 2011
Susan is the best girl a man can ever meet she is funny intellegent educated and all in all a round thing she knows what guys like and how she has to use her sexappeal in the right ways she got many talents and is known to be good in bed
what she wants she gets her physics are smashing you won't regreted to date her
and once you touched her heart she is all yours and faithful
of all the lovers susan got she decides which guy she pics cause susan is an clever chick
by redpirate February 03, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world. Her smile will bring joy to you and everyone around you. She will keep your secrets safe and never break your heart. But be sure not to get on her bad side because she will kill you. She also pretends to be a bunny and likes to hops around like a bunny.
John: Hey do you know Susan?
Steven: Yeah she is in my class.
John: Does she ever hop into class?
Steven: Yep, she is known for that!
by laggyissteve January 20, 2013
A Susan is someone who is generous, smart, and open-minded. They love to have fun, but know right from wrong. They don't really have friends they trust, but are always there for other people. Susan's are very good at keeping secrets and building friendships. They don't hate anyone and never hold grudges. Their biggest weakness is forgiveness. She forgives to easily, and has an amazing capacity to care about people, even those who hurt her.
A Susan is extremely beautiful but denies it. She never sees the good qualities in herself but only in other people.
Susans are very ambitious. They love to get involved and are very athletic. They tend to be really talented at their favorite sport and always give it their all.
When it comes to the future, Susans dream BIG. They'll do whatever it takes to reach their goal and won't allow anyone to bring them down.
Susans make excellent companions and will love you like no one else could. They care more about their lovers feelings than their own and will do almost anything to see them smile.
Did you see Susan today? She looks beautiful!
I love Susan!
She's so amazing!
by einstein5608 August 17, 2013
Hair. Lots an lots of curly hair.
Daaaammmnnn did you see that girls hair? She must be a Susan.

"That's why her hair is so big-- it's full of secrets"
by skirp512 January 28, 2013
sexiest bitch alive great personality great body awesomest friend and girlfriend ever any man is lucky to take her on a ride but emphasize bitch do not piss her off because she will beat the shit out of you
Guy:i was at susans house last night
Guy's friend: what yo u guys do
Guy:what shit was so tight i made her scream all night
by person who dont give a shit February 13, 2013
Perfect. That is all.
1: Wow Kate Upton looks so Susan today!
2: I know right? Perfection!

1: Dude Spoon's music is so Susan. The harmonies fit so well together.
2: I wish I was stoned.
by TheBuddha October 23, 2014
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