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Hair. Lots an lots of curly hair.
Daaaammmnnn did you see that girls hair? She must be a Susan.

"That's why her hair is so big-- it's full of secrets"
by skirp512 January 28, 2013
A Caucasian male, mid-20's blue eyes, blonde hair, nice and tight body and has ability to lure woman. Typically asked by a certain Mexican chick to go to Gloria's or out for a drink but he never commits. She's just trying to get him drunk and get in his pants again. He may not be "all there" but is great in bed. Nice smile.
Girl 1: You see that guy across the room? I keep asking him if he wants to hook up but he keeps stalling.

Girl 2: Must be a Todd.
by skirp512 January 28, 2013
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