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The interior of a car. Usually a S.L.A.B. that has been customized with leather and woodgrain interior.
I'm gonna top drop today so the gals can see my surround.
by Darkness_5600 May 06, 2009
Cool, good, fine, dope. Derived from the word; Sound which has the same definition. Originating in Thornbury, Bristol.
Kid A : "You Comin' up the skate park blud?"
Kid B : "Yeh, surround."
by Aggyman Irie October 01, 2006
Used as a greeting to peers,also used in the context of agreement. Origins - Bristol, UK. Possibly a derivative of "sound"
"Surround mate,hows it going?"

Do you want to go out for a smoke? "surround"
by James Langston September 05, 2006

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