Top Definition
An after-effect experienced by a domme/dom after they have dominated their submissive, characterized by guilt and depression.
I don't wanna be too hard on you or I'll get top drop.
by MistressGrace January 26, 2011
Taking the number 1 spot from the HBIC
The top player drops down one spot, if not more
That washed up, has-been thinks she's cute and shit, but imma make that TOPDROP
by TooShay January 18, 2015
when you lift off the top of the toliet where the water is and shit in it making the water turn brown
kid goes to toliet with his dad and asks why the water is brown his dad then lifts off the top of the toliet and says some dirty bastard has top droped the toliet
by dog dhit January 16, 2011
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