To Superman that hoe is the action of hitting a girl from behind, a.k.a. doggie style, and to put so much thrust into it so that she cannot help bout sprawl out or lie down on the bed as you continue you to hit it. because you are doing such a good job she will be horizontal to the matress or floor with her arms outspread like superman.
I just finished banging the heck outta Shaniqua. Not only did i hit that ish from the back, I Superman that hoe.
by The Reefer November 12, 2007

it's when there's girl you need to get away from really fast
"superman that hoe" and fly away!
This biochh would not stop talking , i had to superman that hoe and fly away from her fast
by Crank that September 07, 2007
when a guy jizzes on a girl's back and tells her he's gonna wipe it up with a towel, when really he just throws it on her back so that it gets stuck and looks like superman's cape.
preferably with a red towel.
watch me crank that soulja boy then SUPERMAN THAT HOE
by chingaling October 02, 2007
When a chick gives you a monster STD, and when you find out, you go home and laser zap your entire bone-zone with the lava-hot eye beams you bought from the classifieds, making your balls scalding hot to the touch. Then you go to see said chick for another mission, and instead of making sweet love to her, you dick scorch her VD-WMD to smithereens. Then you pull a fire extinguisher out of your bag, and empty it's contents out the window just before laser-eye-beaming it to hell-temperature, and tossing the cannister on her stomach.
You know TyRhonda from Shotgun hood? Yea, well, I hit that with no medical insurance. So anyway, I called her back and totally made sure to superman that hoe for ruining my balls.
by October 27, 2007
When you slap that shit out of a hoe that keeps talking out of turn or is talking crazy/disrespectfully. You slap her extremely fast, hard, and strong as if superman had slapped her; thus causing her to fold up like a wallet or fly up under something.
Pachi: You need to quit actin like a bitch
Aly: I'm gon' do what i wanna do! You cant tell me what to do
*Pachi proceeds to "superman that hoe" with lightning speed and iron-like might, causing Aly to fly across the room*
by Pachirisu October 22, 2007

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