The man every kids pray during the first minutes of a school class so the teacher won't make it to the class. There is always a lot of suspense during these first minutes, we don't know when the answer to our prayer will take form. But when it is confirmed that the reaper won't be there, everybody explode in a fountain of joy, screaming "YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!", and singing "Celebration time", a classic by Kool and the gang, while everybody cum in their pants.
You know, I'm not very faithful but... If you hear me superman, help me!

(Vous savez, ch'pas très croyant mais... Si vous êtes là superman aidez-moi!)
by Slutlerandoblow May 18, 2006
When a woman is fisted in the vagina and ass simultaneously, with her partner positioned below her in such a way that his arms are outstretched and he looks like the flying superhero.
Joe wanted desperately to superman his girlfriend, but when he suggested it she broke up with him.
by prilda December 07, 2007
when you and your buddys are hittin a jay and that shit is burning your fingertips...put that shit up to you lips and inhale that bitch and swallow it. you've just supermaned the blunt.
"Yo Justin just burned his tongue trying to superman that blunt roach!"

"the jay is almost out, what should i do with it?" "SUPERMAN DAT HOE"
by supermandathoe September 29, 2007
The worlds greatest Superhero. No as relevant nowadays as he used to be, but will be forever remembered and will probably be to future generations what Greek gods are to us today. His S symbol is more known than the peace symbol worldwide. Embodies the concept of the Superhero, and apart from Batman and Spiderman has no competition in terms of public admiration. Has much in common with Jesus Christ, i.e- sent from a far away heavenly place by his father to aid and save humanity. Died and was resurrected. Sells millions in merchandise a year and hundreds of thousands of comic books. Outdated somewhat today, but forever will be remembered and esteemed as the first god of the comic medium.
"Superman is the first true superhero..."
by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
a massively overpowered loser who is invincible and is able to easily escape the pull of a blackhole yet gets his ass handed to him by a person with no superpowers. wtf dc?
superman, right after stopping a giant meteor in midspace, just got knocked out by one punch from some random thug. goku would kick that thugs ass.
by tgk7257 January 23, 2007
greatest hero ever, and can kick thors ass
superman is cool
by supafly rabbi January 21, 2004
When riding a horse or motorcycle, hold onto the handles/horse's ears and kick your legs back to resume a horizontal pose with arms in front and legs behind. Keep this up until you hit your neck on a tree branch and become paralysed. After doing this, pretend to care for fellow cripples.

This has been mastered by Christopher Reeve, the actor who played superman in the movies.
I was supermanning on the Kawasaki but managed to duck just in time to avoid the tree.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004

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