A variation on the shocker for a girl who has seen too much. You stand back take aim, extend your hands, fly and hope you don't miss.
That chick is a whore, she wanted me to superman her.
by joyful September 20, 2007
1. to enthusiastically jump onto a woman to have sex with her, arms stretched out foward a la supermans flying style
"I was so horny, as soon as we hit the bedroom I Supermaned that girl!"
by Comedian Denis Donohue September 09, 2007
One of Eminem's most famous songs, which is strange because it's not one of his best songs at all, compared to other ones like Lose Yourself and Mockingbird. If you're looking for a really good song by Slim Shady to download, I recommend: Mockingbird, Lose Yourself, The Way I Am, or When I'm Gone.
I listened to the reknowned Superman and it's really not that good.
by blogger_08 February 10, 2006
When a blunt is all but a few centimeters long, you suck it barehandedly until your lips touch the cherry, then suck the whole thing down.
Yo man, superman that shit!
by desert fox May 08, 2005
superman is a game that kewl people play in high school in which you are not allowed to say anything that begins with an S. if you do, you are allowed to get hit as many times as possible until you say "superman". then the hitting stops.
"Superman" Is Actually A Pretty Fun Game To Play!
by David Towle June 06, 2004
You start off doing the girl from behind. Then right as she's about to get off you jerk her head around 180 degrees so her spinal cord rips and she's paralized like Christopher Reeves (aka Superman).
I supermaned that girl in the wheelchair.
by Christopher Reeves Jr December 02, 2007
A dance done with your arms outward.
Soulja boy does the superman in his videos
by chrisj123 November 12, 2007

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