when a guy is doing a girl, and he pulls out to skeet an S on her chest, like supermannnnnnnnn.

now watch me ouuuuuuu.
skeet skeet superman.
by jowana January 26, 2008
When a male with an erection runs and jumps on a girl and tries to aim for her hole.
"Dude, I totally missed Jude's hole last night when I tried to superman her."
by Hayley Marshall November 29, 2007
To cum on a bitches back and put a pillow case on the cum thus giving her a cape to be superman.
Guy:Yo cunt let me superman you
Girl:Y..Yes jamal
Guy:AHHH fuck yea *cum on back*
Guy:Hold up bitch I ain't done *puts pillow case on back*
Girl:*silently cries* ar...are u done
Guy:Yea bitch...now fly lil nigga bitch
by Thizzard of OZ January 04, 2008
A nickname for Bacardi 151 - in the beginning of the night you feel like you can fly, like superman, but by the end of the night you are paralyzed like Christopher Reeves.
The kids at Roger Williams all drank superman and ended up passed out at 9:30.
by RWU Crew October 29, 2006
The only super hero that covers up his true identity by making himself look like an oridinary human.
I'll show you
-Peter Parker- Spider-man
-Bruce Wayne- Batman
-Superman-Clarke Kent
Supermans costume did not cover his face, so its a mystery how people didnt recognise him.
Is also when you take a shit in one set of clothes and come out in another.
Man"Someone save that little girl!"
Clarke"I needa go to the bathroom"
Superman comes out.

by Secret wrestling fan November 28, 2005
The man every kids pray during the first minutes of a school class so the teacher won't make it to the class. There is always a lot of suspense during these first minutes, we don't know when the answer to our prayer will take form. But when it is confirmed that the reaper won't be there, everybody explode in a fountain of joy, screaming "YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!", and singing "Celebration time", a classic by Kool and the gang, while everybody cum in their pants.
You know, I'm not very faithful but... If you hear me superman, help me!

(Vous savez, ch'pas très croyant mais... Si vous êtes là superman aidez-moi!)
by Slutlerandoblow May 18, 2006
When a woman is fisted in the vagina and ass simultaneously, with her partner positioned below her in such a way that his arms are outstretched and he looks like the flying superhero.
Joe wanted desperately to superman his girlfriend, but when he suggested it she broke up with him.
by prilda December 07, 2007

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