a) Superman is the last survivor of the planet Krypton. As is woefully unprepared homeland is subjected to a prodigiousand catastrophic explosion, he is sent by his loving parents to Earth on a spaceship. He comes here and basically grows up on a farm until he realizes hes better than that. Than he moves to the city and proceeds to beat the shit out of everybody.

b) Anybody who performs such a tremendous feat as to be declared a "superman"
a) I would bet millions of dollars that pre-crisis superman could destroy any character in the comic universe, DC or otherwise. He was wickedly strong and foolishly overpowered. Those writers were smoking crack.

b) Magic Johnson is superman. There have only been a few people in the world to get AIDS and not die; but Magic does it in style.

Magic Johnson > AIDS
Magic Johnson style > Big Ron Style*
Magic Johnson = Superman

*Big Ron Style being developed by Ish for the West Coast Customs client "Ron" on the ever-popular mtv program "Pimp My Ride"
by Max Orchard January 16, 2006
Superman (kal'el) is the flagship hero in the DCu. He is the unofficial leader of the JLA. He was born on the planet Kyrpton in its dying moments but was rescued by his parents and sent to earth where he was adopted and raised by Johnathan and Martha Kent. He took the name Clark Kent. In the DCu Superman is among the strongest, because the radiation of the yellow sun of the earth reacted with that of the red sun of krypton granting him invunirability to everything except Kryptonite, a material found only on Krypton. There is only one hero who can defeat Superman, in case he ever goes mad, and that is Batman, who keeps ample suplies of Krypontie in the Batcave.
Look, in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!
by Salcker Apathy April 08, 2005
When a boy or man wakes up with a morning wood and leans with one hand on the wall in a slanted position, while the other hand is holding his dick, in order to pee.
"I had to pee so bad this morning but I couldn't force it down.", "Why didn't you just do the superman?"
by Atro Xis October 28, 2007
A perfect guy that promises to be the one to save his "girl" from anything, her protection, her security blanket... her perfect boyfriend <3
He's my Superman! <3
by Your Superman July 10, 2008
While a man fingering a woman he slowly starts to crawl inside her vagina until his entire body is inside her's he then breaks out(usually through her upper body), exploding her body into various pieces and stands proud like superman.
man: did you hear what happened to beth?
Woman: didn't her boyfriend crawl up inside and give her a superman?
Man: Yeah, she will be missed
by Mst3k99 February 04, 2008
Superman V - the verb. Yes, "Superman" has a verb form.

When you do something, usually involving spending lots of money in a stylish way, so that people get punked, or blown away.
"Those two hotties I pulled from the club? Actually when I got there, they were talking with these two lame black guys. I walked up, Rolex, Armani, and order two bottles of Dom straight off the bat. Light up a Cuban, then introduce myself to the ladies. I supermanned those two boys so hard they fell out of the club and rolled down the street."


"Last night I supermanned that ho so hard she was begging for the cock all through dinner. I took her to that swish place at the top of Central Tower, $350 a head. Ordering champagne all night was just the start - I think between when George Clooney came up and introduced himself to me, and when I pulled out my platinum card, she realised she was in the presence of a true Superman."
by someone else stole my fucking name November 27, 2007
Refers to a sexual position. Where the male quickly separates the females legs and "dives" into the female.
Charles: Tracy looks good!
David: Yea man, I already "superman"(ed) that hoe.
by cybron29 January 02, 2008
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