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A girl (or guy) who has made it all the way to college level or beyond without ever having been kissed. These individuals have various reasons for their conditon: prudishness, lack of avaiability, extremely shy nature, or just plain bad luck. Are often unfairly criticized and/or ridiculed; See Captiains of the V-squad.
After an amusing night of playing "pass the playgirl", we realized that porn magazines are actually Super-virgin kryptonite when Caitlin screamed and fell off the bed upon seeing her first "full frontal".
by sushichick June 18, 2005
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One who hasn't expierienced anything remotely sexual such as one's first kiss or even had a relationship. Typically an insult, in referance to one's innexpierence or hardships finding a signifigant other.
"I wish I could get myself a girlfriend, I'm a senior in college and still havent had my first kiss!"

"Haha, you're still a Super Virgin!"

"Shut up! That's not funny!"
by Cheesedanish721 December 04, 2009
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Someone who has never been in a romantic relationship, kissed, or anything beyond that.
Ann: You should know, he's never kissed a girl, or even had a girlfriend.

Katherine: So he's a supervirgin?
Ann: Haha, YES!
by katieemw95 November 02, 2009
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A virgin who has also not given nor received oral or anal sex, hasn't even got to third base.
Usually applies to young males.
We haven't had sex yet, but at least I'm not a super virgin anymore.
by TheMonger May 17, 2006
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Someone who lives a particularly fearful or unadventurous life. Being a supervirgin (SV) doesn't necessarily mean someone doesn't engage in any sexual conduct, for supervirginity is more of a state of mind than a state of being. For example, someone who's never had sex, but goes out and has fun and tries all sorts of new things is not an SV; someone has had sex but sits around at home all day and never goes out could very well be an SV.

Just because you haven't had sex doesn't mean you are one, and just because you have doesn't mean you aren't.
-Dude, Chris never chills with us. He's afraid to even ask his parents for permission to go out.
-Wow, what a supervirgin.

-Bro, I had sex with my girlfriend a while ago, but afterward she was all ashamed about it, like it was a bad thing.
-Wow, what a supervirgin.
by I'mthekingbitch August 14, 2011
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Someone who is VERY inexperienced. Mainly losers or shy people.
"I am the biggest super virgin you will EVER meet."
by EpicXxFailure May 21, 2009
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A virgin who tries way too hard lose his virginity with girls, almost always creeping on them. Often a state at parties, being wheelbarrowed away, like a mess. Can (optionally) have been fingered by a gay guy, pretending it was a girl. Once a super virgin breaks this with a girl, he then becomes a normal virgin, requiring sex from another, different girl to lose his virginity.
Person 1: Haha! Mad harry hoofter got fingert!
Person 2: What a super virgin.


Super Virgin: Are we dae'in this or whit?
Any Girl: Gads. You're such a super virgin creep.
by Trololololbole August 08, 2011
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