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A man who beds as many women as he possibly can.

A woman who beds as many men as she possibly can.

A man who beds as many men as he possibly can.

A woman who beds as many women as she possibly can.

A hermaphrodite who beds as many hermaphrodites as s/he possibly can.

A teenager who beds as many teenagers as s/he possibly can.


Exact synonyms: Ho, Slut, Sex crazed person, booty chaser, Hoe

Generic synonyms: Tiger Woods, Eliot Spitzer, Dave Letterman


This definition comes from the classic Boogie Down
Productions, BDP song, Super-Hoe from DJ Scott La Rock,
KRS-One and Ced Gee.

This song is a warm retelling of DJ Scott La Rock's
days as a young "Super-Hoe" in the bygone era of
1980s New York City.
Tiger Woods had em' all—he is the a Super-Hoe!
by puddyfudge2 December 07, 2009
When your bitch/Girlfriend or baby's mama kicks your ass,For:Not paying (Insert bill here) being lazy,or when catching you cheating on her.
Guy 1:Damn,Did you hear what happened to keith last week?

Guy 2:Nah,What happened?

Guy 1:Keith's bitch went superhoe on his ass and knocked him the fugg out.
by PLATINUM RyDER February 04, 2010
When a man creeps up on a woman when she's sleeping and jizzes on her back, then places the sheet over her causing it to stick. Now your girl looks like a 'Super Hoe'!
"Haha, when my lady was sleeping last night, I turned her into a 'Super Hoe'."
by Guji October 14, 2007
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