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Slang writing for Magic.
Instead of Magic, just write, type, spray paint, piss draw, or whatever "Majik"
by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
Anybody or Anything that is extremely ugly. 1. Somewhere very boring. 2. Something very dumb.
1. UGH!! That dude was busted!
2. Dang that place was busted!
3. That test was busted dog.

by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
An 'Over the Top' dramatic girl. So dramatic that it's annoying to hear her talk.
Dang that Dritch needs to shut her mouth fa real.
by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
Verb. To beat someones ass. To rock a persons' dome piece!
1. Just fight already! Juggernaut that foo!
2. Juggernaut that lil' bitch!
by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
To beat down somebody using a downward thrust of the fists. 1.An EXTREME beat down 2. Also a dance replicates the thrusting movements.
Guy 1: He was talkin' shit so I'ma Donkey Kong that foo!
Guy 2: Oh snaps he's about to bring that donkey Kong homie!

by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
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