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An senior with a huge ego and thinks they are better then everyone.

An insecure senior who makes fun of everyone else

A senior who is all high on their senior horse
"wow that guy is a super senior"

"wow there is the super senior in him"
by PLP '11 October 19, 2009
Anti social person who is over the age of 18 or is a senior in high school or collage.

A person who hates underclass men for no reason

A senior in high school or collage who's ego is huge.
look at that super senior over there all by him self. He must think he's so cool because he's a senior
by PLP '11 October 19, 2009
Another name for a big dick
I was taking a stroll along the street, when all of a sudden my Super Senior made a public appearance.
by supermansupersenior December 08, 2005