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The best reason to own a Gamecube. Fighting game featuring characters from several different Nintendo franchises.
"Yo dude, it's Friday. Let's get drunk."
"Nuts to that. I play Smash Brothers with my friends on Friday."
"What, really? I love that game! Can I come?"
by Alhazad December 08, 2003
Short for "Hello and Welcome to Last Week."

Used by internet nerds to indicate that a particular link or news item has been seen before.
"Hey guys, I just found this cool site about ninjas, www.realultimatepower.net!"
"HaWtLW, n00b."
by Alhazad October 09, 2003
A kickass Australian fellow.
"Do you get any sci-fi channels down there in Australialand, grug?"
by Alhazad December 08, 2003

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