A Plumber for Nintendo who does Mushrooms and Has been doing them for almost 30 years or so. Every time, he stumbles in a endless Search of a princess that does not give a single shred of attention to him and Defeat this Turtle/Dragon/Dinosour/Ke$ha being who likes castles and Has been begging to get into The princesses Panties every time but most likely has because there is no way Bowser can wait that long for a peice of Ass. Mario usally can be found talking to his gay brother Luigi about Saving "HER" again for the 50th time and with his Slaves or the Toby/Tyrone-Named Midgets, "Toads" and their all the Same height and have the same voice. Sometimes Reggie Fills or whoever runs Nintendo would find Mario and Force to Play random Sports and Drive Go Karts or Be in a fighting Games that Have all of Nintendos Prositutes like Samus Aran, the most Succulent Truffle I have ever tasted
Kid that Never Played a Game: "Who is That, Daddy? Is that Super Mario?"

Dad: "Oh no, Hes High Again! We are leaving Son!

Kid: "But Mario looks like Hes Making a New Game! Super Mario Sexy time with Luigi!?"
by F0REVER UNREAL February 10, 2011
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The star of Super Mario Brothers. An icon to gamers worldwide.

He takes shrooms and gets beefed, saves the princess, gets laid, and goes home to fix household plumbing systems.
Mario's a drugged-up, pimped-out plumber.
by Didda Tinkle May 21, 2004
you're not serious, are you?
if you don't know who super mario is, you deserve to get hit with a rock.
by Ben Fong October 03, 2006
(N.) A 4 foot, 200lb. Italian Plumber from Brookyn, NY who's been in about 30 video games. The plumber, who's said to be in his early 40's today, is the mascot of Nintendo, as well as their oldest employee (next to Donkey Kong Sr.)
Today, I was a tad disapointed when I played Super Mario sunshine.
by G-Union May 19, 2003
A fuckin pimp!
Super Mario, despite his weight, macks it with the princess.
by Dan Alston December 07, 2006
Super Mario is a pop-culture icon from around the 80's to 90's and was the star of Donkey Kong and Super Mario World. Since his introduction into the world by nintendo, he has become an icon to gamers worldwide, from people who hang around on the internet all day, to fat losers who won't get laid until they're 40. Mario's marketing would give Satan a boner. But all in all, Mario is still one of gaming's beloved icons.
"It's a-me, Mario! I'm a-gonna rip a-you a new ass-a-hole!!

Luigi: "oh, you stereotypical bastard, you!"
by Mako Gekirou March 21, 2005
The super icon of Nintendo that takes shrooms to grow big while jumping around on bad guys, usually in very high strides. He also breaks blocks with his head, presumably he knows karate. No womder he kicks bowser's ass so much.

A saint who takes shrooms and hallucinates the weirdiest things while still being kid-friendly.
Bowser: Mha ha ha, I have captured the princess (again) and the stars.
*Super Mario walks in*
Bowser: Sh**
*Gets his ass kicked...again*
by The Harbinger of Truth and Pain October 12, 2005
An Italian man who can lay pipe with the best of 'em; very proficient at cleaning out any faulty plumbing.
Super Mario came by last night and now I'm sore! That fucker can lay some pipe!
by Ryan Eaves April 26, 2006
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