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Enchanting, pretty and seductive eyes Its often used as a name for people.
A girl named Sunaina who has the prettiest eyes in the entire world
by SeduciveNainz January 24, 2005
A hot ndn chick!!! that's very cool, and a rly good friend
Sunaina is an awsome person!!
by A person December 03, 2004
a gurl who i luv sooooo much bc shes such a sweetheart and sooo funny!!!
i wont call u susana again...or at least ill try lol
by susana lol jk December 04, 2004
a really pretty, exotic pakistani girl

name means "beautiful eyes"
Sunaina is a fine-ass honey.
by Jason2007 November 05, 2007
don;lt have to much fun w/ tha micheal jackton uh oh pillow ;-), lol jk!
i'm outside u're window look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk
i don;t have my stalking permit yet :-(
ooooo, thx for helping me when i am down :-D
THZ sunaina for being there !!!!!!
by suspicious December 03, 2004
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