Often used as a females name : Often a shy quiet girl , who when lets loose LETS LOOSE . She' comes off as quiet insecure girl when actually she parties hard . She has this rocker attitude and doesn't care what people think. She often has nice curves and a great personality. She probally won't like you if your Boring Because Summer(s) often like to laugh.
by Jo'momma Fool ! March 23, 2009
Noun: A spectactularly amazing women who is refered to as independent and goal ambitious. Everyone looks up to Summer as if she was God.
Wow, I want to be just like Summer.
by Mysertious m0f0 December 20, 2009
summer.. school's out, it's hot (unless you live in england) the days are long.
summer; best time of the year. Summer activities include:
partying, swimming, going to the beach, drinking outside, tanning, festivals, no work, wearing very few clothes.
its all good :)
jake: so now ive got my pool, im gonna have all night parties next year. i've got the house if you bring the beer.

rachel: YEY. i wish it summer now.
by summerlovin January 17, 2009
A sexy girl that knows how to work it. Shes beautiful and every guy would like to have her. Shes a party animal and always gets into the craziest predicaments. She never gives up and she is always smiling. She tough and she can hang with the guys. She is friends with more guys that girls because she is too cool for drama. She has a smokin' hot body. She is confident, honest, stubborn and a little insecure. She knows shes not perfect, but you'll think she is. She has one of the best asses you have ever seen in your life. She is hard to get, and only dates the finest guys. Summer is one crazy girl! Not to mention she is great in bed!
Who was that sexy chick dancing at the party?

Oh, thats Summer. And I saw her first.

Is your name summer, cause youre hot
by that boiii11 August 11, 2011
Wonderfully odd and full of life. Very hyper and hard to control at times, but worth the effort. Unabashedly goofy.
"That guy is so summers. Look at him making a fool of himself and not caring what anyone thinks."
by ncklelkvg July 05, 2008
The most beautiful girl that you will ever meet. She doesn't need to be good at sports or a cheerleader. All she needs is to be herself. Most people like her. The people that don't are usually ugly girls that envy her clothes and looks. Other than that, just people that don't have one friend. She's a trendsetter, beuatiful, goregous, graceful, and so much more. If you don't know a Summer that's too bad. Boys want her. Girls want to be her. She is also one of the funniest people you will meet. Boys will do anything for her. She's everyones dream.
Summer, beautiful, dreams, friends, music, brown, hair, pretty
by :) i am typing right now. March 27, 2011
The season between spring and autumn for going to the beach and tanning excessively while shamelessly flirting with every gorgeous beach boy in sight.

Preferably done in Orange County.
I never spend a single summer day in anything more than a bikini.
by Veronica0815 May 15, 2008

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