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The most awesome season ever! School's out and sweet vacations are in order! Everything rocks!...at least until a damned tornado hits.
You know, summer was going all well until our car was swooped up by a tornado.
by hanes June 24, 2005
26 7
--->Summer is most commonly the time of the year in which girls go to beaches and actually wear bikinis, even though it might be raining or about 13 C. A time of year for having barbecues with friends and for running about with your mates at all hours. Summer is a time in which people walk around wearing clothes which they would never dare to wear in the winter. Summer is a time when no school kid actually works and spends the whole time with his/ her mates. Summer is also a time when us students neglect to actually do any school assignments we have been set, to which we leave till the last week and then rush about for hours on end trying to complete. Summer is a time when you forge friendships with people you might not necessarily be friends with if it was any other time, people who when it comes term time may eventually pretend they have in fact never ever talked and never will do.

--->Summer can also be the name of a girl, who at times can be said to be quiet. However, when she is around her friends is one of the loudest people you'll meet. As commonly thought by most people Summer is:
A) Always blond

B) Always tanned
C) Always loves the Summer Holidays

D) Most commonly residing is sunny places, e.g. California or Sydney.
However, it will serve you well to not that:
A) She is not always blond, I have brown hair and I'm a Summer
B) She is not always tanned, She actually can be pale
C) She does not always love the Summer Holidays, OK it's true I'd be lying if i said i didn't, but don't you find the last couple of weeks REALLY boring?
D) Not all Summers reside in sunny or warm places. I for one live in England.
Wow it must be summer, look at the weather!
by SER-1994 May 28, 2009
37 22
A girl who is named Summer is a great friend. she knows you inside and out and is always there for you. Summer will always be able to make you laugh and when you are in trouble she will help you out! Summer is a great and lovely person who deserves the best in life! She is the life of any party! Summer can kick anyones ass that she wants, especially if they mess with her best friend! Summers best friend is usually named Aly or Victoria. Summer loves her friends and family so much! and Everyone loves her!
Summer Hollis is the baddest Bitch!
by Ms.Thanggg January 14, 2011
22 8
A season where oppressive heat is only compensated by scantily clad women
Dude 1- My god it's so hot out I think I'm going to die
Dude 2- Don't die yet, Michelle is walking around in only a thong!
Dude 1- Sweet, Summer finally is paying off
by springftw April 01, 2010
16 4
(v.) to stay up long past 1AM on a regular basis to the point of FUBARing one's sleep pattern.
Dude, I'm a master of summering.

Yeah, but you're screwed when next semester starts.
by WHARRGARBLLER June 28, 2010
12 3
Summer (in america): A three month period of time in which a weekend warrior can no longer find reasons not to party 8 nights of the week.
Person A: The days are longer, schools over, and I only work part time, give me one reason why I shouldn't be living the highlife?
Person B: I know isn't summer perfect
by Veedenhusa July 20, 2009
12 3
Summer is the perfect woman. She'll make you laugh and smile. She'll make your heart race and your blood boil. She is smart, funny, caring, and down-to-earth. She is totally gorgeous, from the inside out. One stare from her emerald eyes and it's done. She's one of those rare people who actually care about others and wants to make a difference in the world, no matter how small or large her impact may be. She is the definition of a looker, driving men wild with a glimpse of her perfect self. Literally, in every way, she is the ideal woman, exemplifying every trait you'd want in someone and a few others that didn't even occur to you before you found her. If you ever catch a Summer, never let her go. She's the kind of woman who comes into your life maybe once, and you won't get a second chance.
Guy: I met a Summer last week, I think I'm in love. I can't let her get away, I think I'll tie her up and keep her in my basement until Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and she loves me back.
by LinkToYourNavi April 22, 2013
9 1