Partaking in a huge lash on a Sunday, knowing full well you have to get up early for work on Monday and then struggling all week to get through the hangover. The plus side is it's the closest you can get to that naughty feeling of underage drinking once you're over 18/21.
i know we shouldn't be doing it, but it's so good, Suicide Sunday!!
I feel hanging today, we committed suicide sunday yesterday!
by AJ Peacock June 30, 2011
Top Definition
The Sunday following a hefty Saturday night bender. After a long night of drinking, the person usually wakes up at around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and feels so sick and depressed that suicide looks like a very attractive option to end the day.
I did nothing on Saturday night except for chugging 8 beers and a 26 of rye. And Sunday... well let me tell you it was one hell of a Suicide Sunday.
by cokemidget December 09, 2007
The first day after the official end of exams at Cambridge University. Students spend the day initiating & going to garden parties. Usually carnageous.
I am so sick of exams - I can't wait till Suicide Sunday!
by smileyface28 June 16, 2009
the sunday before Memorial day & Labor day since nobody works on the following monday.It's drinking so much that its like your trying to kill your self and well worth it. nothin matters on that day just bellinis and a nice day.
It's gonna be a Suicide Sunday this weekend nobody works man, cant wait to get wasted.
by JJslusho May 20, 2009
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