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What Cartman of South Park likes to shout when he is in the belief that he is Vietnamese Prostitute called Ming Lee.
"Sucky! sucky! five dolla!"
"Give me eight dollar socia-boy I love you long time"
"Ten dollar? Sucky sucky?!"
by bandanasarerad November 08, 2006
Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. There is a part with a vietnamese hooker who says this. She also says "Me love you long time". Her words have been quoted countless times, and Full Metal Jacket is one of the most referenced movies of all time. If it was before your generation, you should go watch it.

You can say this is just about any situation if you want people to laugh.
Doctor: "Damnit, he's bled out, we've lost him"
Attendant: "Sucky! Sucky! Five Dolla!"
by wtfisapseudnym September 12, 2010
1. to give a blow job, for five dollers
2. to suck on nipples, for five dollers want sucky sucky, five dolla!
2. (pretty much same as #1)
by zachizzo October 20, 2003
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